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View Spacesavers’s wide array of locker, modular, and off-site storage solutions. Mid-America is an Authorized Spacesaver Dealer with certified technicians for parts, service, and installation.

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+ Locker Storage

The potential sizes and configurations available for Spacesaver Locker Storage products are virtually limitless.

  • Personal storage – houses items belonging to the user including uniforms, boots, vests, personal weapons & devices as well as other electronic accessories.
  • Gear storage – houses equipment and supplies used by multiple teams that can be accessed at a moment’s notice.
  • General Supplies and Equipment including communications equipment and other sensitive assets that need extra security and accountability.

+ Modular Storage

Both the FrameWRX® Storage System and the EZ Rail Element® are modular storage systems that are made up of vertical frames and horizontal rails that provide flexible, reconfigurable storage solutions that are able to change on the fly in your commercial space. The modular rail and frame concept allows for bins, shelves and other accessories to be arranged in any configuration in order to increase user visibility, ease of access and supply organization.

+ CoreSTOR

CoreSTOR patient server, a unique and highly adaptable innovation that serves as a decentralized nurse supply station. The CoreSTOR Nurse Server extends fully outside the room for easy stocking and the unit’s patented pull out shelving provides complete access for increased efficiency. Patient room traffic is reduced by stocking supplies from outside the room – minimizing patient exposure and interruptions.

+ Off-Site Shelving Solutions

Libraries, off-site book depositories, and archival record centers all face the same paradox: trying to squeeze an increasing amount of irreplaceable book collections and records into a decreasing amount of storage space. With the addition of new spaces such as cafes, lecture halls, study room and collaboration spaces in existing library facilities, many of the larger collections are being condensed or moved off-site. Designed specifically for stable off-site storage for storing book trays and archival-boxed records, Spacesaver X-Tend High Bay Shelving systems provide optimal space efficiency, protection and accessibility.